More often than not, some of the best dinners I’ve eaten are those that are unplanned.

Last night I had a gig to go to (more on that another time) which ended up being cancelled. I was originally going to just have soup or something for dinner upon coming back home since I figured that I would be rushed for time and/or too tired to make something good.

Well, since I was home about an hour earlier than originally planned, I had an hour more to spend making something better than soup from a can!

I made a cup of brown rice and seasoned it with cumin, paprika, garlic powder, and salt. I sliced some hot sausage and browned it in a pan for the boyfriend, but for me I got a little more creative and fancy-shmancy.

I put half of my portion of rice in a bowl, added a huge handful of baby spinach, and topped it with the other half of hot rice. I topped it with a generous helping of nutritional yeast (I’m confident I’ll blog about this delectable stuff in the future… more than once!), a quarter of an avocado (cubed), and a good amount of Frank’s Red Hot Sauce.

It was a salad. It was a rice bowl. It tasted like a cheesy taco.

It was a cheesy taco salad rice bowl. It was a delicious un-planned success!


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