Try, try, and try again. That’s all I’ve ever done in life, and I’m not complaining! Sports, hobbies… I’ve tried so many over the years that I’ve been a self-proclaimed “Jack of All Trades” for as long as I can remember.


Food is no exception.

Though I’ve never been one to do a crazy crash diet, I’ve gone through so many spectrum of dietary regimes that I’ve lost count. From low-carb to calorie-counting to vegan and everything in between, I’m nothing but a food flirt, which is why I’ve begun this blog.

My love for cooking, baking, and trying new things requires an outlet to keep track of my recipes and ideas, even if nobody else cares to read them! My love of health, fitness, and wellness gives me the push to chronicle my desire to improve my own well-being as well as my family’s and boyfriend’s (if and only if they’re willing to flirt with the idea!).


My boyfriend loves food just as much as I do, so he’s along for the ride despite his pickiness of anything that may resemble “health food”.

Currently I eat and cook roughly 75% vegan, 15 % vegetarian, and 10% omnivorous… but just becuase most of my diet is plant-based doesn’t mean I live off of hemp and tea! Luckily in addition to my cupcake-baking extravaganzas (which usually involve me licking every spoon, spatula, and mixer attachment when I’m done) I stay extremely active. I walk, I play sports with friends, I cycle around town, but mostly I run.


With the Queen City as my backdrop, I will continue my lifelong quest: never say no to something new!



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